Interior Design

Interior designers inspired to help you achieve your dream setting. Our expertise allows you to adapt your environment according to your needs, your tastes and your budget for both residential and commercial projects.

By the development of different concepts we will find the solution adapted to your lifestyle while optimizing the value of your investments. To update your environment or customize it, we are the specialists in the field. Avant-gardism, traditionalism or charm country, we will advise you on the latest trends in decoration on the colors in vogue.

T.T.I.B. offers you a personalized service for all your renovation needs. Whether for the kitchen, the bathroom, the basement, a patio or new windows or even for an enlargement, our priority will be your complete satisfaction.

Our Offer is Design Your Dream

Each customer enjoys personalizing services

By offering this global renovation service, T.T.I.B Renovation Company undertakes a responsibility that frees you from the management of multiple trades, in full respect of your needs and desires, they are aesthetic, technical and economic. T.T.I.B SPRL improves the coordination and the efficiency of the works with a certain profit: the reduction of the final costs in the respect of the deadlines and a perfect execution. Our customers can feel confident, whether it is the renovation of a house, a villa, an apartment, a kitchen or a bathroom.
Versatile for many years T.T.I.B Make your home with everywhere in the greater Brussels area For masonry, expansions or plumbing work, call in an experienced general contractor, whether in the residential or commercial sector.

Each Project is Unique